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First Aide Medicine Ad. or Collage 1

2 Oct


This is an ad or collage I recently did for First Aide Medicine (my illustrated novel due out in March 2012).

I plan on doing a series of projects that extend the spirit of the book outside its pages. It is still alive somewhere inside me. Its slippery spirit will continue to speak. I am but a medium.

Ankara Turkey Local Market

2 Oct

Ah, just got back from the local market here in Ankara Turkey. Those sausage looking things are not meat; they are dried grape juice wrapped in nuts.  They are quite good! I just got some. Well, I’d better get back to work and start munching. Doctor’s orders!

Cruising with Al Pacino

1 Oct

What a unique film! The best part, of course, was hearing Darby snarl his way through “Lion’s Share.” The ending was weird too. Was the implication that the real killer hadn’t been found…that it was Al Pacino…or the evil boyfriend of Al’s friendly neighbour? The rest of the soundtrack was also excellent. A lot of Thin Lizzy inspired stuff…gritty backstreet wounded anthems, crying into your drink with a bloody lip but blue-eyed sensitivity too.