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“I’m Sorry, Nightingale”

30 Mar

“I’m Sorry, Nightingale”

& I’m sorry in May
& I’m sorry for the daffodils
my matted hair; my pleated skirt
& I’m sorry for the idea of it
& I’m sorry for your everlasting love
& I’m sorry for being a bank robber,
a hairdresser; a scoundrel and a thief
& I’m sorry for horses in September
their breathes of rose smoke,
& I’m sorry for the bridge, for folded hands
for table manners,
it’s like the disease is beneath you
it’s like we’re walking a plank
to a madhouse
& I’m sorry turtle doves
& I’m sorry for the roasted apples,
the chipped teeth, the carousel evenings
even if a magician wears white gloves
even if thou
should tear away from sorrow
in loving memory.

“Band Without a Leader”

11 Mar

“Band Without a Leader”

If it leads by the teeth of your leash
pour me into the blind white pint
of a bald leopard curse striking pink
these goggles know holy waters
dead lips
these goggles last you merry winters,
for merry are we the “volcano sisters”
in seismic semaphore,
in seizures casting grooves in holy silence
splashing a hold on you:
the veined gloves, the throttle of control
I’d like to breathe a birthday wish
through to your carcass in ripples
these swirling universes
the steel private of a thief
whip-its of lead
peel me a rose from a real treat
titters and an ice-cold glass
the grapes are window-dressing
and tell me, tell me, tell me
to tease your wings to flakes of frost
I’d fall all over the weasel of you.

“When You Were Going Back to Guam”

9 Mar

“When you were going back to Guam”

Tears in your sandals
made of sand
your father was home
but your mother was alone
split garden shears, splints
and roaming roses
did if you breathe your fog breath
in the mud room
and you played a gold guitar
in the sparkling stars of weighted blankets
and straitjackets
as if this arrow could be straight
enough to point print
lovelies to the shining sun
your burnt hands
pale legs, wrung pleated skirt
let go this twisted weekend
braid your mother always home
your father was lonely too
the lizards stretched
and breathed a smile
caught sunning on the deck’s skin
like if the shark is a wolf’s friend
like a shadow
and this ghost ship will plant you
in future deities.