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“Kisses on the Hunt”

25 Aug

“Kisses on the Hunt”

An addiction is a cure.

A craving: a promise.

Make me a home and safe.

and ponds for our love, dovetails

an easy exchange of medals

but your glory grew dusty

your prehistoric wings disused

who’ll need to regret

for people like me

for people like you

are comfortable with no one

it’s risen and raised beds

after diamond ring and bells do ring

under chandelier and champagne

the dull attitudes

shifting to a deeper boredom

one light is all I ask of you

in the bone-dry mountains

fed by an inward stream.

“Exist on a Prayer”

15 Aug
“Exist on a Prayer”
A hand holds a hand
through three dimensions
pressed through generations
of gestational twilight
of riverbed on riverbed
my rotten teeth
in gilded mirrors and perfume counters
are a drawbridge between fantasies
of your illusion’s breath
to tell your own fortune,
ancient and spiritual
only angels would kiss your blindfold
because hearts murmur
through the season of this afternoon
stampeded with moss
twin held hands through the broken
gold inside the heart of your pleasure
and it eases pressures to do so,
although tears in spring wilt summer ends
if we close our eyes into thunderstorms
and thusly quietly enjoy to cry.

“A House with Warmth”

14 Aug

“A House with Warmth”

We’re cold without you

Please come inside

There’s icicles in your eyes

Which I don’t want to be true

We won’t need to worry about you

The stables will take us

to light candles when we pass

I’ll crumple in your sheets

to smell your sweat

Your sweetness is the burning of the sky

Ride horses with me

Hold my brown leather hand

There’s stirrups come to meet us

And daffodil dresses come between us

Where crosses burnt your evil

Issues in the breeze,

enveloped in tobacco leaves,

humming bunny:

birth in blue veins, red veins

a cloak of desire

soaking up wet miracles.

“Whose Desire Slayed You”

10 Aug

“Will You Still Leave with Me Tomorrow?”

9 Aug

“Will You Still Leave with Me Tomorrow?”

You’ll be special

in memories of you

written on cold breaths:

a route of your choice,

a horse who knows no tomorrow,

a pet who leaves love.

I’m mice.

I’m marbles.

My bones climb to attics without me.

Come along:

we’ll skip the perfume counters

red bullseye parlors, targets at our backs

larynx and lynx eyes, radio silence

ends of transmission: we’re androids

running from a second chance

a wave that could’ve crashed differently

a deployment ritual

beyond the rivets of our design

or kiss me in the rivers

scents hold of you in strummed hours.

“In a World of Weeds and Stronger Flowers”

7 Aug

“In a World of Weeds and Stronger Flowers”

Give in to this authority

heed not the trust you wrest

from chests sincere

a look you give is cursed hooting

it’s backbreaking in the moonlight

and scary smiles bedevil

told to you in cute fish voices

when I look at you

the rodeos and windmills

ratchet us up telephone poles

the souls of wild animals

and we touch down at dusk

we touch dawn and landing strips

when I look at you, they take me away

in scribble me memories

for this is all we have:

faint notes, wounded hymns,

and hurt cockroaches.

“I Liked Your Mud”

6 Aug

“I Liked Your Mud”

Your tattered pictures

disused lipstick

in the supermarket

of carry me along and away

underwear carnations

had a home and people that loved

send it by post

even when naked: still on stilts

don’t tell anyone else about us

your secrets are safer than me

fishing for cats with cattails

we’ll dress as frog women always always

it’s death in the queen’s castle

placing blue roses in bishop’s caskets

they cried this us our girl to graves

and all passion renewed

at the thought of this tired newspaper

you’re dead to me but so are you.

“Maybe Magic”

4 Aug

“Maybe Magic”

Maybe on the death of each horizon

when birds hatch prematurely

and the hens of our throbbing hearts

cast prophecies

spores on our witch thighs,

Bengal tigers in our witch breath,

we travel on a cold magician,

in spite and anger, spiral on spire,

a spell renewed cast aside,

a chocolate trunk,

crying in the darkness, a rug now made

of once our lies and as we lie

animals and instead of magic on a beach

on a wounded slipper night

when seashells hurt inside you

and we kissed to frostbite

a dawn erased

no one will find our fossils

if we swing through the trees

fast enough to outrun our shadows.

“Candy Heart Crime”

3 Aug

“Candy Heart Crime”

Thanks for your patience—

Do I deliver you in secret—

When the wind talks.

When the hoarfrost rattles

a cage in a cave,

your ballerina slippers

the jackal within burns bridges

cast iron steel aflame

the candy heart crime

webs the cottonmouth snake

steals the kittens

a princess invited me

candy stripped of cane and vipers

removes the nail polish of hammers:

did love forge a future:


emerald crocodile to emerald crocodile

forever in flame.

“You’ll Never Know How Upset the Daisies”

2 Aug

“You’ll Never Know How Upset the Daisies”

A kiss masks a wish for frozen stars

we’re upright fish purloining velvet suits

our sweet suckers, kisses for all who care: criminals, wishing to be beaten

in foxgloves and furs

picture this under Delilah’s orchestra

and the enchanted chandelier

gullets of the deep devour:

through a deep and horrible love

wider than spread eagles

a torturer: the soul of divine honey hives

please cook us in a breakfast

of wide-eyed parrot legs

before we walk the plank sideways

candles eaten in telepathy

where a moon can hum

the paste of snowy footprints’

light in blame and resentment,

my friends

the residual showers of sparks,

my friends

these sparks of joy:

my only friends.