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“Crosses Bared”

1 Aug

“Crosses Bared”

Friend of doubt,

deliver us from schools of fish

fly on the wall of a paper hate wail

nails and through trails

the whales of night for you down enough

to be forgotten in ribbons of lies

haven hopes for a courageous scourge

a bite for your windowsill

the monster in the breath

of your collarbones’ emerald necklace,

says the ghost by the windowsill

pennies of pain, cracked light

to hover above, see through chinks the sawdust, will fight for your craven death,

a dear in the horse pasture to love you

in a field smelling of marshmallows,

a harsh moonlight bells echo

time and undressed universes

will make gods of the ghosts

bowed down low enough

to breathe through a rising.