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“I love you inhuman”

9 Oct

“I love you inhuman”

In thought for you inhuman—

kindness, gratitude, respect, inhuman—

hot peach breath—

hot beach, the private shows inhuman—

slows tongue, bullseye—

nepenthe, magic holiday, oblivious—

love branch inhuman, curled toes—

in pleasure and grief, lost Sunday’s—

in love for you inhuman, unreal—

tragic emotions frozen under skies—

and love for your inhuman grace—

disasters are inhuman, breaking bones—

a loss in loaves of bread—

sad-eyed, twisted soul inhuman—

shoelace suicide inhuman, rubbed—

the sandy shoeshines—

alone with a bottle, my breath for you—

inhuman, to breathe for you inhuman—

at last for you, inhuman—

our butterflies, our burettes—

flying through a rain, flung through you—

until ghosts this you inhuman.


“Graveyard of Losers”

4 Oct

“Graveyard of Losers”

We were friendlier than friends once

but now we fight to survive

throttled turkey necks and skinned knees

when parakeets caused us whiplash

the breakers bored a worried escape

sent fresh hens through the thistles

and our minds drawn by fingertips,

we wouldn’t do any horse to hose you

nor ride over higher countries,

bucked from our saddles

ladders to higher attitudes

locked from our altitudes

we’re mites sprinting in minnows

and drained rivers, rosy comeuppance

it’s time we faced the prison dancers

torn tears, frayed wrists

for ropes are everlasting,

even under spotlights of rain

assorted passions in bird lips

licked in your poison for never and never.