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“I Wanted to be Useful”

31 Oct

“I Wanted to be Useful”

I wanted to tear mirages of bridges

and sadness lacks this commitment

in trouble with the oil rigs

steel hands, fearful bangs:

the trust of another summit

when you dine and dive

crush a cave,

dwell with ne’er-do-wells

drown and you’re done

your work day is done

it’s all the regrets of champions

it’s dining on ice

the kisses eclipse the glass

lipstick on your thighs

there’s too many thoughts

I wanted to smack the meat of bridges

I wanted to be alone

bear fisticuffs in the mirror of badges.

“To Cry Once a Lifetime”

26 Oct

“To Cry Once a Lifetime”

Once in our lifetime

shed a single tear

that isn’t good enough

that won’t turn back

if laughter is a sign of enjoyment

if shadows

could piece our lives back together

give me fondness for an answer

spell me in your footprints

whether this is sugar or snow

weather of shadow lies

wearer of a microphone halo.

“I Wanted to be an Absence”

25 Oct

“I Wanted to be an Absence”

As if abscesses could turn

their ugly course,

to hang glide with monstrous arms, spinning shrubbery off a weasel’s grin,

the neighbors drink gin, playing gin rummy with their skeletons,

the third one’s divorced:

she lives in an old peach tree

which still bears fruit,

difficult to bear

with ginger hair in stock

at your feminine robot store,,

ours is a drunken rage

your limbs grow numb and drift away

but that’s okay when you’re headless,

still haunting your own bedroom,

hunting for the scent of our lives,

a disappointment is a disease

a disuse in your fiery sinking fingertips

the pewter aglow with regrets

for what water should have rushed

it must be internalized anger

diffused suffering, immunized

through a colander if nobody cares

because I love you

burnt thumb and tacks

a lucky limerick as blood

one memento to carry you on

the leaves and tall of tick grass

the past will never last

it collapses at long last.

“Broken Widow”

23 Oct

“Broken Widow”

Break the glass of a spider’s past

it’s lonely in the garbage

just through me, away:

and all my time spent in the willow

with you, garages

we made the best of our porridge

beaten sneakers, snakeskin boots

dimestore tears, for sales and signs

of magic pennies in your promises

goodbye to your greetings, the stress collected in a wet t-shirt, bareknuckled

smoldering stems, the one ember that would not die, dyed to roosters,

ragamuffins, the kites of criminals

foundations to sawdust

the fake princess, chintzy blood, everlasting tears,

duo crystal shadows

affairs of the smoke metal heart,

eaten rainwater, byways of train planes

that harps breed arrows

the curtain of agony, that trellis of trust

boutique voodoo and vodka thy name.

“Fragile Stability”

21 Oct

“Fragile Stability”

Run the bones of this hospital

with the gurneys

everything is skewed

the skewering of warm bones

the garbage we call home

the graves of our blankets

sleet salmon

through violent hips,

feral in all the empress emerald

the bulging of your marrow,

the phantom of your hiss

build me a stone rodeo

for the ghosts

of any use to us emptiness

erase the songs

hope in your underwear drawer

to buy time

under thunder

befallen you

a blanket matched skin to you

with burning insistence

with split-lipped woe.

“Masked Moments”

17 Oct

“Masked Moments”

Guess the day to finally go away

has cultivated and promised you

to painted carnations

another road of disuse

crayon angels and cutting

pieces of the rug where the experience

blood outlines, fists of fur

handfuls of the youthful flowers

only a beast could view

money is the only thing that matters

you’re in a doll’s clothes

but it won’t buy you the spirit to slake

the syrup of the hammock, unfold

cold nights, strong shoulders,

to have to make a business

underneath the spitting ham,

closed-eyed starlets, eerily stiff

and sniff of you, those velvet scents

pouring through a heated vent

triplicate in kisses, hosiery hands

masked bandits, raccoon souls,

paired with the pain of novelty:

summer winks skip seasons,

whatever paints in pants drew you.

“Because the Music”

15 Oct

“Because the Music”

Or it doesn’t matter who you are

where you came from

because the music

where your game’s from

because the music

you make it look natural easy

because the music

a goddess knocks at a chamber in you:

a nightdress,

a spring in your step through mistletoes,

this horizon: your skeleton,

your youth is gone,

you’ve faded out of place,

but memories, but to have this dance

with you, because the music

because the music I knew you through

still stains the tights and we fall down

wells, rollercoaster screams of delight

and firecrackers our cracked skulls

the movement of a moment,

chipped fingernails, rubbed rush,

blurred delights, burn me until the dawn scrunches its nose and leaks beneath

doorways to finally exhale

and feel the truth,

the sighs and all promises

fisted through the night

of the songs you fell in love with me to

because you fell in love with me too.

“I love you inhuman”

9 Oct

“I love you inhuman”

In thought for you inhuman—

kindness, gratitude, respect, inhuman—

hot peach breath—

hot beach, the private shows inhuman—

slows tongue, bullseye—

nepenthe, magic holiday, oblivious—

love branch inhuman, curled toes—

in pleasure and grief, lost Sunday’s—

in love for you inhuman, unreal—

tragic emotions frozen under skies—

and love for your inhuman grace—

disasters are inhuman, breaking bones—

a loss in loaves of bread—

sad-eyed, twisted soul inhuman—

shoelace suicide inhuman, rubbed—

the sandy shoeshines—

alone with a bottle, my breath for you—

inhuman, to breathe for you inhuman—

at last for you, inhuman—

our butterflies, our burettes—

flying through a rain, flung through you—

until ghosts this you inhuman.

“Graveyard of Losers”

4 Oct

“Graveyard of Losers”

We were friendlier than friends once

but now we fight to survive

throttled turkey necks and skinned knees

when parakeets caused us whiplash

the breakers bored a worried escape

sent fresh hens through the thistles

and our minds drawn by fingertips,

we wouldn’t do any horse to hose you

nor ride over higher countries,

bucked from our saddles

ladders to higher attitudes

locked from our altitudes

we’re mites sprinting in minnows

and drained rivers, rosy comeuppance

it’s time we faced the prison dancers

torn tears, frayed wrists

for ropes are everlasting,

even under spotlights of rain

assorted passions in bird lips

licked in your poison for never and never.