“Broken Widow”

23 Oct

“Broken Widow”

Break the glass of a spider’s past

it’s lonely in the garbage

just through me, away:

and all my time spent in the willow

with you, garages

we made the best of our porridge

beaten sneakers, snakeskin boots

dimestore tears, for sales and signs

of magic pennies in your promises

goodbye to your greetings, the stress collected in a wet t-shirt, bareknuckled

smoldering stems, the one ember that would not die, dyed to roosters,

ragamuffins, the kites of criminals

foundations to sawdust

the fake princess, chintzy blood, everlasting tears,

duo crystal shadows

affairs of the smoke metal heart,

eaten rainwater, byways of train planes

that harps breed arrows

the curtain of agony, that trellis of trust

boutique voodoo and vodka thy name.

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