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First Aide Medicine for .99 cents for Kindle?!?!?!!?!??!!

28 Oct


Whu? Gadzooks, man! Are you MAD??!?!?!

At these prices, you betcha!

Are you BORED of the usual ho-hum narrative trash available at your local drugstore or supermarket? So was I…until…IT WAS BORN!

So come on, ya’ll! Come aboard your tricycles and dust-busters and gather round, y’here? Some say printed books are dead and…well, here’s your chance to prove them right!

But…and here’s the tragic news…this special deal is only happenin’ until…(gulp)…November 1st…so whip out that lonely dollar and give it a sense of purpose…a mission…a cause to revolutionize digital media and call forth a new and beastly genre: we’ve been callin’ it Avant-Garde Horror, but you might as well just accept the fact that it’s actually more akin to Psychedelic Horror!

“On the Grotesque”–an İTEF 2013-İstanbul Tanpınar Edebiyat Festival panel

28 Oct


Panel: “On The Grotesque”
Nov. 1st (Friday) @ 19:15-20:15 @ KargArt

Panelists: Nicholaus Patnaude, Barbara Stok, Yiğit Bener; moderated by tba

Story telling can make use of the distortion and exaggeration of the form to present us everyday stories in a way that makes us feel pity, disgust and discomfort. Magnifying glass of the grotesque as a narrative strategy and style also serves the purpose of exorcising ghosts and demons whether they are of political oppression, of love found and lost or of the daily life of a young woman. Barbara Stok, winner of Stripschapprijs, Yiğit Bener, translator of “The Journey to the End of Night”, and Nicholaus Patnaude will discuss the materiality of the body in their works and ways of story telling that renders what is familiar, uncomfortably unfamiliar.


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Address: Caferağa Mh., Kadife Sk No:16, 34710 İstanbul,Turkey Phone:+90 216 330 3151


hope to see you there,


p.s. There is also a .99 cent Halloween Promotion on the Kindle edition through November 1st:

and a Halloween Goodreads print giveaway which ends October 31st:

“Reality Bites!”–an İTEF 2013-İstanbul Tanpınar Edebiyat Festival panel

28 Oct


Hikmet Hükümenoğlu, Nicholas Patnaude, Teresa Präauer moderated by Feyza Howell

Reality; you can’t live with it you can’t live without it. There are many ways to imitate it, to represent it, to reflect it, to manipulate it – but are there ways to tame it? Literature is capable of doing many things to “reality” and some stories suggest “insanity” as a way of taming it. A good story often challenges the reader to experience an alternate reality, sometimes by opening a door to a parallel universe, other times by descending into the depths of horror or by teaching you how to fly away.


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Address: Caferağa Mh., Kadife Sk No:16, 34710 İstanbul,Turkey Phone:+90 216 330 3151


hope to see you there,


p.s. There is also a .99 cent Halloween Promotion on the Kindle edition through November 1st:

and a Halloween Goodreads print giveaway which ends October 31st:

4 albums that “killed it” for me 2day

22 Oct





Actually, I posted this yesterday…or tried. Well, we know what the leprokhan says: “87th time’s the wicked chance and everlasting secret!”

Reading & Signing in Amsterdam 10/17/2013 @ABC

15 Oct


I will be reading from and signing First Aide Medicine at The American Book Center in Amsterdam on October 17th @ 19:30. Please come by and have a chat or check out some books (I myself will be scouring the place for Patrick McCabe’s latest!)

Thoughts on Breaking Bad (the last song)

9 Oct



Tonight I watched the last one. Boy, was it a gem! Welcome to the goldmine! And who sung that last classic song? I’d heard it before. Now let me just try a little something that all you wiki-heads with sweaty iphones forgot some years ago–let me: recall.

Was it The Raspberries? No, somehow that doesn’t seem right. Definitely a power-pop classic band. Hmmmm. Getting an itchy smartphone-trigger finger, aren’t we? Don’t give up on me just yet. Hmmm. Dwight Twilley? Perhaps. Seems I’m getting warmer. Or there was that faux power-pop band from the early 90s. What were they called again? Hmmmm. Nope. Completely stuck. (EDIT: wait…wait a second…Teenage…um…Grand Prix?(no no, that definitely was not a band!))

While I did appreciate the Marty Robbins ref. and the oh so heavenly irony of playing him in a snowy car (he was a Texan, wasn’t he? (go on, you Wiki-heads!)), I truly enjoyed Walter’s…I’ll say…transformation during the last few episodes. It made me feel my time invested was validated and worthwhile.

Goodbye Walt. Goodbye Jesse.

(re-edit: Wait, I think I finally got it: The Groovie Ghoulies! Go on you wiki-heads! Okay, no, scratch that: The Flamin’ Groovies…and if I got that right, I honestly didn’t look it up. So don’t go quoting me in your research paper, y’hear?)

(video game image via newgrounds)

Haim – Days Are Gone (Columbia / Polydor; 2013)

1 Oct


Ever want to give up hope on the entire music industry and wonder if all your years passionately poured into spinning vinyls, glinting cds, crackling tapes, and red-eyed reflections on the computer screens had been dead, dead, dead times and of no use to anyone?

When I heard “Forever” last year, I thought: wow, a new band can actually write a bigger hook than Pat Benatar while re-appropriating her sleek big big/brash guitar tone? And, all the while, the intricate and layered night-club-70’s-super-fun-MJ-Off-The-Wall-era/Chic-hybrid-beast beats led you back to simply gasp and smile and tear your very heart while admitting: yes and it might be true that no other band really matters currently at all, really not at this particular second.

I can’t even bear to write another word about it. And so I will not spoil it with another from this poisoned pen; I’ll leave that to the charlatans, the gum-shoe geeks, and the auto-tuned screamers begging for one last gasp of rediscovery. Well, here it is. Are you here to hear and herd it across your balcony with a herd of tiny cats (no bigger than ants)?