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Haim – Days Are Gone (Columbia / Polydor; 2013)

1 Oct


Ever want to give up hope on the entire music industry and wonder if all your years passionately poured into spinning vinyls, glinting cds, crackling tapes, and red-eyed reflections on the computer screens had been dead, dead, dead times and of no use to anyone?

When I heard “Forever” last year, I thought: wow, a new band can actually write a bigger hook than Pat Benatar while re-appropriating her sleek big big/brash guitar tone? And, all the while, the intricate and layered night-club-70’s-super-fun-MJ-Off-The-Wall-era/Chic-hybrid-beast beats led you back to simply gasp and smile and tear your very heart while admitting: yes and it might be true that no other band really matters currently at all, really not at this particular second.

I can’t even bear to write another word about it. And so I will not spoil it with another from this poisoned pen; I’ll leave that to the charlatans, the gum-shoe geeks, and the auto-tuned screamers begging for one last gasp of rediscovery. Well, here it is. Are you here to hear and herd it across your balcony with a herd of tiny cats (no bigger than ants)?