Self-Portrait Day 30

24 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 29

22 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 28

21 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 27

20 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 26

19 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 25

19 Apr

Self-Portrait Day 24

17 Apr

My Secret Diary #2

16 Apr

My Secret Diary #2
Spiders held us in a cocoon as we slept.

The tub waters touched our chins.

Wave hello.

The blueprints have already been fingerprinted. 

Self-Portrait Day 23

16 Apr

My Secret Diary #1

15 Apr

My Secret Diary #1
Two lovers escape from the woods. She holds his hand and pulls him on his long board. Her short white dress blows in the wind. She has the thick, powerful legs of an athlete but she will never play a sport. 
Imagine the scene of the crime before the crime is committed. Powerful energies converge in the venue’s dressing room before it is a crime scene. You scan the crowd for the murderer; two possible suspects command attention. One is a crow, 4′ 6″, wearing a trench coat. 
One employee sweeps vigorously behind the venue at 11 p.m. Did he need the money or was he Charlie the Phantom Sweeper?