“We’re Sorry”

7 Jan

“We’re Sorry”

For the balloons

for all the two-step Tuesdays

for raisins and the brain

for hairs in your milk

for striding diets and tides to rip you

we’re sorry for your bras and bandits

scampering, the shuddering moons

I’m sorry for daffodils

lipstick smiles fading in the soil

I’m sorry for all the gifts and sincerity

but worst of all the humility

crowns in the glue of envelopes

licked by the tongues of cat queens,

cat purses, cat desserts, cat loneliness

the aimless silkiness of cat purses,

tender buttons: it was all just a lark

and some lost hawk

circling in winsome degradation.

“Ghost Candy”

3 Jan

“Ghost Candy”

Through cellophane fingertips and all,

an artificial world beautiful

in the tip of a spyglass

the rip of an eyepatch

I’ll wait in the cold breath

abuse of a crystal choir

longing tongue and toes and all

recline slip of a lounge glass

and vests made of champagne

iron peckerwood, birds in flutes

and flu sung through kisses

smoke rings in palliative poem,

bird feather clothes,

rest of your heart

close your eyes for angels,

candy for the corner:

cravings for blind gloves.

“Out of Phase”

19 Dec
“Out of Phase”
Shoulders to cry on
dates with an accomplice
peeking to pull from you
spilled seeds, seas of our gushing hearts,
do you smell by the grace of an idiot,
smile at bedposts, a hankering for anvils?
I’m an idiot too, in two-step rodeo blues
out of wind for the sheets, hammers throb
we’re aware this quick attitude
and altitudes, forever for you blank
this steamed chill, frown marks
or maybe serious concentration
dove like a gone pole, doves
it’s a strange world when you’re planked
and everything gooier than truffles
my bow tie needs stretching,
my hamper needs exercise,
when still my blue: my prom dress waits,
the dress alone, waiting in an idling
maybe even ghosts.

“How Dare You”

13 Dec

“How Dare You”

Because to drink of monsters

hold my hand for this death rattle

out of this carnival ride to the stars

if you’re blind by hand it’s a skeleton’s

my ropes are all a spiderweb’s

my dead dream arms are a video game’s

my hearts are monitors

wait for me by the frosty porch window

wait for me by the night of a television

wait for me by the blind mice

wait for me at rooster’s.

“Missing You Then, Missing Me Now”

12 Dec

“Missing You Then, Missing Me Now”

Unfortunate jukeboxes

wore at the hammer-end of our fists

but you could make the juice flow

under moons

could even taste the blood in our beer

and you’ll whine like a cat in heat

taste the teeth in our spaceship

left by the radio

the goddess gloves live

by the translucent lizard window

for gizzards to kiss us

the souls of the musics

suits of the snake hand

chambers in potted plants

the emperor of the ship

dwells surrounded by orbs of power

echo to taste engine flames

even your lives

even your too much at a distance.

“Beneath my Steely Exterior Lies a Fragile Vulture”

11 Dec
“Beneath my Steely Exterior Lies a Fragile Vulture”
When we growl when we drool
once I saw death in the buffalo of a nickel
to be beaten with a pillowcase of kisses
those lips eloping vampire phantoms
beneath easy street, behemoth of leotard
fanned evenings, easy vigils
we were doing the Charleston
where gods of skeletons feel
in squeals of murderous
let your eyes adjust
there’s murder in the bakery
half-smiles, lines out of windows
daft shrubbery, pruning leers
licking used bandaids,
brandishing this cold and elder place
where recipes and spells rain down
the wisdom of the forgotten
and hailed a taxi made of hail
the wolf costume fits
these jaws: the iron of you.

“Me and You”

9 Dec

“Me and You”

Who’d thought they’d

through pastures my angel knew you

blades of snow

hush in cold grasses drift

awoke in agony for a rose grave

I want to sing you,

but those days are gone as panthers

shredding our silk pajamas

relaxation is a curse

broken teeth make you smile

we’re gravediggers kissing

to gallows music

to bones of our timorous humors

lend me rope to retrieve the werewolf

we’re six feet of curses and blessings

we’re 9.5 inches deep of

the crows in our hearts and bloodstream

pleasure sick on a wounded ship

the pirate of your private destiny

the ship of your chastity belt

grin at me for the cuteness of cutting.

“Making a Difference”

4 Dec
“Making a Difference”
The dusty fan spoke to beautiful islands
to detest, desist, and anchovies;
a rolling pike, a news story
that, for once, pulled tears further
along a conveyor belt, bear mittens,
fangs, the yawning jaws, bespoke innocence, injustice, humanity:
it’s inhumane and boiling oil,
rose the pike again against our wills;
it could’ve been another year, another you
we talked for hours and primrose
your belladonna of scarlet
your roses intensified
my last testament and will
is cooked spokes, bespoken
stitched lips and coiled secrets
and cooked skies and cold sunset thighs:
let’s skate out upon the frozen moonlight,
divide our possessions for awhile.

“Incriminating Animal”

2 Dec

“Incriminating Animal”

[posts incriminating photo]

[dancing by herself]

[beside an image of herself]

[jackhammer sounds]

[let the beach come home]

[there’s a specter, even watch her,

on monitor and screen]

[inaudible chattering]

[woman exits stage left]

[a poem’s throwing, reaching out]

[stillness chattering]

[inaudible stillness]

[inaudible teeth chattering]

[inaudible teeth following you down the basement stairs]

[inaudible drowning]

[inaudible spectator]

[spectacular specter kisses]

“Cold Pink”

27 Nov

“Cold Pink”

Things could’ve gone differently forever

two rivers pulling out separately

in overlapping bliss,

rougher than a cat’s tongue,

welded to a serpent’s jewelry one,

alone to give me your grave

talons: your treasure chest of secrets

your spite of alleyway views

sirens in your destinies few,

a yesteryear full to the brim with us

but your waves goodbye

are fleeting as lives of pets

happier than my bikini burning,

last in her class, hold hands with your pink through a peach orchard,

past deep-sea rose gardens, tasseled, twin rivers pull.