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Elizabeth von Dracula #1 has been unleashed

21 Oct

A comic book I recently finished. It’s about 100 pages and contains 4 sequential art stories: “Blum Island,” “Pig Princess,” “Commuter’s Dream,” and “In Thy Kingdom.” Price is 5 bux plus 3 bux shipping for the literal double issue of Elizabeth von Dracula #1. Hopefully, a Paypal button is appearing below for you if you are into snagging a copy.

Sold out

Interview with me at Silent Motorist Media

5 Jun

I had a lot of fun talking with Justin Burnett about literature, comics, pulp, David Foster Wallace, Psychedelic Horror Press, social media personality schisms, Elizabeth von Dracula, Elizabeth von Dracula’s dentures, and Elizabeth von Dracula’s turnips stitched to human heads in her moonlit garden. Seriously though, check out this thoughtful and imaginative gent’s beautifully designed blog filled with thoughtful and unique posts.

Check it out here.

The Network People by Bob Freville

26 May

The project of illustrating this book haunted my life for the last year, yet when I emerged from its netherworld, the pictures were like a bouquet of blooming horreurs and the stories themselves were nightmarish visions, coiled around the arms of worms and snakes. Apparently, it has been unleashed into this world today.

I’m a living Interview fossil on podcast Losing the Plot

6 Aug

We’d hoped to rope you in with that line, but the rope bites are sending our cute wounds down snake holes to have pie with the parakeets. Wanna scoop? 

Listen here. 

PHP 001 released today! 

26 May

G. Arthur Brown’s Governor of the Homeless (w/ illustrations by Sarah Kushwara) is available for order starting today through June 26th. There are only 26 copies available and 6 have already sold. If the remaining 20 copies are sold before June 26, Governor of the Homeless will be on sale indefinitely through major online retailers; if not, the book will only be available on our Storenvy site until  the remaining 20 copies have been sold. A HUGE thank you to the blurbers, those who have preordered, the early reviewers on GR, and folks who have posted about it on social media! 

It is available for sale here

PHP – 001 Governor of the Homeless by G. Arthur Brown

4 May

PHP.New.Var1(1)is pleased to announce the release of goth-cover-amazon2

It is available for pre-order now on PHP’s Storenvy shop.

“G. Arthur Brown is at the forefront of a new generation of writers. One of my favorites.”

— Brian Keene, best-selling author of The Complex and The Rising

“G. Arthur Brown–already respected as a syntactically immaculate weaver of tales both comical and absurd–now ventures into the darkness to deliver us the strange and unsettling horrors of Governor of the Homeless.”

— Jeremy Robert Johnson, author of Skullcrack City