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Paper Dungeon #1: “The Cave of Wysterical Pines,” a solo rpg zine game, released today

16 Apr
This is a campaign for Paper Dungeon.

A troll flying on a dragon has run off with your entire family. You were already running late to school. The goblin egg bread was burning. Snow threatened to peek through the pink, velvety clouds. Your favorite television show was on, Living with My Alien Family, so it was especially difficult to leave. You’d also been spending less and less time with your son and begun to grow sick of driving to work with the sun barely rising and then returning home after the sun had already set.

You are studying to be a stationmaster. You’ve always had the most delightful conversations on trains, surrounded by cigar smoke and cinnamon buns on your morning commute. A spare bit of jam is passed to you for your toast by a mechanical hand, more like the fist of a buzzard sprouting right out of one of those grandfather clocks modern trains are all abuzz with these days.

In this campaign you will visit “The Cave of Wysterical Pines.”

You may play this solo or with a group.
The .pdf contains a map to roll a d6 upon, a character sheet, descriptions and encounters for the six map locations, and methods to interact with this world using a d100. Be prepared to narrate, draw, or journal to make this world your own.

Grab a free copy or buy one if you dare….