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First Aide Medicine for .99 cents for Kindle?!?!?!!?!??!!

28 Oct


Whu? Gadzooks, man! Are you MAD??!?!?!

At these prices, you betcha!

Are you BORED of the usual ho-hum narrative trash available at your local drugstore or supermarket? So was I…until…IT WAS BORN!

So come on, ya’ll! Come aboard your tricycles and dust-busters and gather round, y’here? Some say printed books are dead and…well, here’s your chance to prove them right!

But…and here’s the tragic news…this special deal is only happenin’ until…(gulp)…November 1st…so whip out that lonely dollar and give it a sense of purpose…a mission…a cause to revolutionize digital media and call forth a new and beastly genre: we’ve been callin’ it Avant-Garde Horror, but you might as well just accept the fact that it’s actually more akin to Psychedelic Horror!