“Because the Music”

15 Oct

“Because the Music”

Or it doesn’t matter who you are

where you came from

because the music

where your game’s from

because the music

you make it look natural easy

because the music

a goddess knocks at a chamber in you:

a nightdress,

a spring in your step through mistletoes,

this horizon: your skeleton,

your youth is gone,

you’ve faded out of place,

but memories, but to have this dance

with you, because the music

because the music I knew you through

still stains the tights and we fall down

wells, rollercoaster screams of delight

and firecrackers our cracked skulls

the movement of a moment,

chipped fingernails, rubbed rush,

blurred delights, burn me until the dawn scrunches its nose and leaks beneath

doorways to finally exhale

and feel the truth,

the sighs and all promises

fisted through the night

of the songs you fell in love with me to

because you fell in love with me too.

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