“You’ll Never Know How Upset the Daisies”

2 Aug

“You’ll Never Know How Upset the Daisies”

A kiss masks a wish for frozen stars

we’re upright fish purloining velvet suits

our sweet suckers, kisses for all who care: criminals, wishing to be beaten

in foxgloves and furs

picture this under Delilah’s orchestra

and the enchanted chandelier

gullets of the deep devour:

through a deep and horrible love

wider than spread eagles

a torturer: the soul of divine honey hives

please cook us in a breakfast

of wide-eyed parrot legs

before we walk the plank sideways

candles eaten in telepathy

where a moon can hum

the paste of snowy footprints’

light in blame and resentment,

my friends

the residual showers of sparks,

my friends

these sparks of joy:

my only friends.

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