Slaughter High (1986)

7 Apr







The following quotes are from user reviews on IMDB:

“Nevermind the fact that the characters are complete idiots[.]”

“More importantly, why is there a bathtub in a school bathroom?”

-The Pat Bateman

“How can you honestly hate on a movie where one of the characters finds a beer in an abandoned school, like, 10 or 15 years later and thinks it would be a good idea to drink it?”


“I always wondered how he felt showing himself naked in a movie.”


“The macabre thing about the movie is the fact that it’s lead actor Simon Sccudamore committed suicide shortly after the movie was released. I say that it’s a macabre situation because he plays his character with such intensity that makes you wonder if he was really bullied or something worse as a teenager. Who knows what happened to him before or during filming! His performance makes me think he was a tormented soul. Anytime he remembers his victimizers about what they did to him, he displays such anger and desperation that makes his performance worth a special mention. Trust me, his performance sends a negative but special vibe for the viewer.”


“This movie will give you the same sensation of purpose and satisfaction that you might experience with a heated, vibrating codpiece and a sack full of pretzels.”


“This movie makes Showgirls virtually indistinguishable from Citizen Kane.”


“Obviously, it’s got sort of a reactionary undertone, as people get punished for doing what the ’60s championed.”

-Lee Eisenberg

“One of the best nonsensical leaps in the film is the assertion by one of the characters that “April Fool’s Day ends at noon” (Wait… Are you sure, dude?). He’s so convinced of this, in fact, that his entire survival plan involves merely holding up until then, at which point, ostensibly, the killer will leave them alone. Even better, once this is established it becomes the mantra of the remaining survivors.”


“The characters are your typical obnoxious brood who gulp down the beer, smoke pot, and snort coke while horse-playing and cracking jokes with each other. When facing crisis, they split up and make moronic decisions which gets each person killed.”


“This is probably the only slasher flick ever where the silent killer finishes his job and rips his mask off to do a victory dance!”


(via IMDB)

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