Death Spa (1990) – Working Out After Dark

8 Apr











User Review quotes from IMDB:

“[It] rip[s]-off many other movies including CARRIE, The EXORCIST and actually another murder spree in a gym movie, KILLER WORKOUT.”


“This movie is rather graphically violent and I think that’s where most of the laughs come in.”


“We are introduced to at least a couple of dozen characters of various stereotypes including two workers in the club who are con artists, bimbos and vain people that like nothing more than to look good.”


“In Death Spa’s title sequence, director Michael Fischa guides his camera slowly towards the entrance of the Star Body Health Spa as an electrical storm rages on the horizon; suddenly, lightning strikes the building, knocking out some of the letters on its neon sign to reveal the title of the film. The camera then continues to glide through the doorway, as the spa’s staff prepare to leave for the night; lights are switched off one-by-one, and the foyer is slowly plunged into darkness…[.]”


“The finale might strike some people as appealing but only for a split second; almost like catching a glimpse of something interesting and colorful out of the corner of your eye, only to learn that it’s a beat-up cardboard box that a gaggle of vermin have been living in.”


“The frozen fish scene is priceless.”


(via IMDB)

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