“Skull Twist The Lime-Iced Margarita Closet” – A youtube playlist

21 Mar



Skull Twist The Lime-Iced Margarita Closet


1. “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

2. “Cut Me Some Slack” by Grohl/Novoselic/McCartney

3. “Ride On / Right On” by Phosphorescent

4. “Inhaler”  by Foals

5. “This Disorder” by The Features

6. “Don’t Save Me” by Haim

7. “The Swan” by Cheatahs

8. “The Good Hand” by Wovenhand

9. “Ticky Ticky” by Owlle

10. “All The Time” by The Strokes

11. “The Hearse” by Wampire

12. “Mother” by Danzig

13. “Glitters Like Gold” by The Cribs

14. “Home” by Austra

15. “Dream State” by Psychic Twin

16. “Blue Velvet” by Childhood”

17. “Steady Pace” by Matthew E. White

18. “Carios KelleyII” by Julian Lynch


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