MGMT & The Strokes – Why all the Flack?

16 Sep

MGMT; Andrew VanWyngarden (left); photo by Jennifer Tzar

MGMT’s new s/t album will be released in just a few days, but can’t you just already hear the impish critters at their sticky keyboards debasing and abusing what will surely be yet another masterwork of psychedelic art? And why? Why will this happen?

Sirs, sons, daughters, and revolutionaries, we live in an information age where…

…to be quite blunt: why do you accuse when to confuse can cause such everlasting relaxation.

exhibit b.


and here the other boys are, no longer teeny cute, but among, as Jarvis Cocker once sung, “the aged.”

so, why did everyone turn very angry rotten eggs at a terribly unfomfortable birthday party at which you had the distinct impression you were not invited and were slowly being pushed away…but not by a person…by a ghost!…by a ghost!….

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah: nowhere.

As I continue to listen to Never Neverland by The Pink Fairies and dream about the new MGMT album, I will always know deep, deep, deep within the serpent coils of my heart, that yes…. [conclusion irrelevant]

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