Toilet Baby by Shane McKenzie (Eraserhead Press; 2014)

27 Sep


A weird, EXTREMELY DISGUSTING novella that reminded me of The Garbage Pail Kids film and cards in certain ways. Having said that, it still feels like a cartoon or even a romantic comedy in terms of its narrative structure and themes (Parenthood, Fitting-In, Family, etc.).

I despise reviews that summarize, so I’ll just say that McKenzie manages to make this unlikely/strange premise (toilet kids birthed from toilets) actually quite believable. I even found myself rooting for the characters and highly entertained as it moved seamlessly from one surprising/frightening scene to the next. Did I mention it was disgusting? If you found the film Street Trash funny, then you probably have a sick enough sense of humor to enjoy this–but also, like I said, it’s actually pretty heartwarming in the same way as a well-constructed RomCom. So, really, anyone can enjoy this quaint little tale called Toliet Baby in a joyous evening while roasting chestnuts over an open fire.

check it out

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