Review: Hung Hounds by Donald Armfield (Riot Forge; 2014)

2 Jan


Dog creatures sit at the bar slurping from their drinks. He went away for just a little while after eating all those wings on wing night. He went to the bathroom and returned to a darkened, altered world.

Eventually, we end up in alternate version of Saudi Arabia where kinky sisters have their way with a wart-infested dwarf character. Men wearing tutus holdup a convenience store disguised by camel hair mustaches.

The hung hounds arrived from an alternate dimensions where the sky turns orange during their endless mating season.

Blurry maps in the shapes of genitals analyzed by an older gent in a jock strap at the village store. Herein lies the direction to the quest for the golden statue.

Hulk Hogan appears in an alternate dimension. The kinky sisters get half-eaten then sewn back together by a monkey. Then there’s gory battle with the hung hounds.

Hung Hounds is goofy but funny and fun. If you like Bradley Sands’ stuff (TV Snorted My Brain, Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy, etc.), you’ll surely love this one.

Wacky, zany, sex-fueled escapades will keep you laughing or scratching your head. If you want Indiana Jones bizarro, you have found it.

Check out more about Riot Forge and Donald Armfield here

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