Ice Flue Chapter 6

11 Oct

Ice Flue Chapter 6

Chapter 6

   The policeman thunderously, his shoulders in his shadow so massive they could crack a head like a walnut. He swung a spiked ball, rocking his thick neck back and forth.   

   “Gee whiz. How are you?” The policeman bubbled. Every few seconds or so, the policeman’s body would swing 180 degrees, revealing a policewoman on the back side of him. Each wore tall police officer hats like in The Great Wall of Britainia. Their skin was overly shiny like they were made of the same materials as antique toys. 

   “You must be our latest recruit,” the female half said, extending a hand. Before Stan could shake it, the police officer spun, slapping Stan with its cold hard metal. 
   Stan ran his fingers along his throbbing jaw. Was it crooked now?
   “We’re so sorry about that.” The male half sobbed hysterically. 
   The female half became pensive, her lip flaring up as the sky turned from tranquil blue to throbbing red. 
   Stan lifted the broken vial containing the Ice Flue. The mercury-like liquid pooled in Stan’s now steel hand. He could not move his fingers; it was like his hand had altered to an iron glove. The cobalt blue liquid of the Ice Flue crawled on Stan and the police officer. 
   The police officer guided Stan behind the billboard. “Come with me, new recruit. I hear we will be bunkmates!” She put Stan in a bear hug, grabbed his groin as if about to heave him, and jumped into a black hole surrounded by swirling shards of powder blue, sparkling ice.  

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