Ice Flue Chapter 25 

30 Nov

Ice Flue Chapter 25

   Elizabeth Dracula licked Stan’s eyeball feverishly as they made out hungrily in the cold metallic corridor outside the Work Lab at Ice Enterprises. “Jesus, Stan. The Ice flows through you. I just want to suck down every last chip of your bones.”

   Stan glanced down. His skeleton was indeed glowing blue through his skin.

   The lab door creaked open. Cheryl, dressed as a nun, greeted them with a look of dismay. “My god…you brought HER. Stan…but…THE CHILDREN ARE HERE.” She opened the door to reveal children in white lab coats with the faces of badgers, moles, and skunks fiddling with dissecting tables and knives difficultly with their inflexible purple and blue glass hands.

   Cheryl returned to her lectern and pushed down the pleats of her nun outfit at the thighs. “Let’s continue our lesson, children. Now where were we? Oh yes: and so who was SOLELY responsible for starting World War 4?”

  “Stan Lunch and Elizabeth Dracula!” the children chanted in unison.

   Elizabeth abruptly stopped licking Stan’s eyeball like a rabid animal hit with a stun gun.

   “And what about World War 3?” Cheryl asked hopefully.

   There was dead silence.

   Cheryl blushed. “Yeah, I, uh, don’t remember much about that one either.”

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