Top 10 Fictional Presidents 

20 Jan

Top 10 Fictional Presidents 

1. President Merkin Muffley (from Dr. Strangelove) tries to prevent nuclear catastrophe. 

2. President Nicholas Franklin Augustine (from Acts of Mercy by Bill Pronziniand Barry N. Malzberg) is paranoid and works closely with advisors who turn out to be hallucinations. 

3. President Charles Baker (from Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz) makes humanity his slaves with the help of the Lovecraftian Old Ones. 

4. President Abraham Brown (from The Music Master of Babylon by Edgar Pangborn) is tortured to death by the “North American Soviet” in the rubble of NYC in 2070. 

5. President Billy Cabot (from The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman) is visited by Jesus Christ in 2180; Jesus forbids television and cinema, kills half the nation, and has the other half under surveillance by killer satellites known as “The Avenging Angels.” 

6. President Gary Callahan (from Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis) is a sadistic psychopath who commits cold-blooded murder while in office.

7. President Robert Colonby (from The Eclipse of Dawn by Gordon Eklund) gets help from extraterrestrials from Jupiter after Washington DC is decimated. 

8. President Ferris F. Fremont (from Radio Free Albemuth by Philip K. Dick) incites a resistance movement centered around radio transmissions from an alien-manned satellite device named VALIS.

9. President Nicole Thibodeaux (from The Simulacra by Phillip K. Dick) is not the original Nicole but an actress hired to impersonate her and is only one of a successive series of Nicoles. 

10. President Robert “Dakota Bob” Shaefer (from The Boys by Garth Ennis) becomes the Republican candidate in an alternate 2000 election in which George W. Bush was assassinated by a chainsaw.

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