“Cracked Bunny”

5 Jan

“Cracked Bunny”

I don’t want to be part of your club anymore.

You let me down.



Walk with me, hand-in-hand, the stages of your life.

All’s well when you were a rat-tailed child,

your femur tail extending.

In any event, even hands,

climb from the bottom of the bottle,

iron-will clad attitude,

intrepid wanderer

through the ceiling of the hayloft

blows this record from the shelf

however much you blush the daises longing

because pewter is the only rhyme that stings

as you come alone

with a knife on a dark drawbridge

this isn’t any winter

and you’re the first person I haven’t tripped,


or met. Have you?

Stronger and stranger,

glasses of smoky whine

accompany the ram’s horns.

What? Don’t you love poison?

Then whisper a black widow,

accompany me

behind the piano keys.

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