“Shadow Blanket”

10 Jan

“Shadow Blanket”

Who is that horrible man?

He’s my best friend.

He used to throw parties

across the scream

between the lungs

blind banks, directionless flowers

the parchment for the deed

sick as the wick,

treacle lazy man river’s locks.

You don’t care about anyone.

You’re a drug addicted to a drug

of the purple storm clouds

of the hail flesh, harebrain triggers

dynamo icicle gateways

ladyblood neck braces

leach swans on an autumn lake.

We sit at the dinner table in the dark

and eat insects

forever the rays absorb

your generation pushed aside,

the brief eclipse

fell off the picking wagon

to the catacomb of cannibals

police cars sing in the distance

however fragile the eggs we protect

control our minds

terrible instincts bitten by sharks

sharpened by religious holidays

when you rocked in the attic

outlasting space travelers

who brought you dancing flowers,

cyclones of mist,

though I lie awake, sister,

when roots

cover the true faces of the birds

the human faces

velvet collusion and veils

we hang glide above the treetops

dusting our frost cantaloupe

to gallop the ruins

of our stereo

made up life

you were the king and the queen

stars sweating your thighs.

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