“Blinded by No Emotions”

22 Jan

“Blinded by No Emotions”

You can have the best of me.

I don’t want him anymore.

Drive in a car made of ice shavings

over the cliff to a wolverine.

We played the magical book

at firestorm concerts

kissed scorpions

and Betty’s nipples lit up.

Blowtorches were our safe haven:

the life you lead as a rat,

bats screaming too loudly to exist

above the cliff that laughed back,

we glimpse a blanket of starfish

combed to their hearts’ content

ravished by the completeness

of all opened presents’

lace drawn hastily away

from pregnant shadows’

rope with the beckoning of claws

unforgiven by the rake you broke

when sweeping leaves too eagerly

and spotted the hidden witch

in the dusty shed

her meat collection

unfolding with a hissing.

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