24 Jan



hard-worn, fought-run,

beneath your reputation

lies the innocent specter

an elegy for a raccoon,

an open wound

wraps the pictures,

tears them to floating tears

lingering on a moment

frozen for all echoes to grasp

dented by miles

of dimples in your backyard

the freckles and strawberries

while ladies glow luscious

down bittersweet paths

under awnings of sour fruit

the creepers relax the vines

the ivy I knew cold fish lips

awakened the ripples

the carriages of spider women ,

the sparrow of zeroes,

at cream cheese

and cucumber sandwich parties,

my white gloves covered in my blood

my lacy petticoats sink through my skin

my doors, through the drool, let the cats loop scalding hot

over a crib game of desperation

the scabbed breathe of a wish fulfilled.

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