“Scarry Skies”

27 Feb

“Scarry Skies”

I’ll take down the rain

the sky

to undress it

bold as a cherry wood wardrobe

the parlor boys grip their chips

the dents and sparks where you used to

lay your tangled hair, a battle hive

of chain-link barbed-wire bolts

casings and pirouettes in barrels

pure or loud as the silver bell

stricken to cold ears

hearing the roof talk

to the weather’s van

a tonic vain

as stripes could lose their muster

but spots could turn us around tonight

leopards and the wild jaguars caw

pull levers from their spectacle drawers

give me a paradise,

faked or photographed

in guilty hideaways,

not the bone crunch of skull:

a messiah turned away again,

waterfalls to lead you back

through hovering alleys, the juniper coat

emeralds the deep river

eyes agleam with this jungle carnation

to torture and rescue us

because the sunlight

is an impossible illusion.

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