“Whatever Could Make This Follow”

10 Apr

“Whatever Could Make this Follow”

Pass into the seams of your house

puss into those flowers:

a trickster with thick glasses

becomes another shadow

a fox barks, tipping his elf hat

we were warm and tidy

and so time sped us by

not even time for the hangmen’s

clean linen licked suit

the slit of a thousand burrs

because we’re scared

we had to pee together

we hid there a thousand times

and all marshaled a phenomenal evening

back when we slept deeply,

tilled soils deeply,

tomorrowed to the heavens deeply

the stars’ phantoms for you

the ridge of a cage,

sometimes a blue jay,

a cardinal in snow

they hatched you in a locket,

an alien being’s carcass,

once spurned in military regalia

at a shotgun wedding

between mutant forces,

the three-headed shark

and electricity beast,

emerging on our realm,

long enough to flash a picture

with a memory blade to prove she exists, boatswain of darkness,

stranger in mint,

to octopus girls

as if someday

you’d be a famous scientist

filled with dinosaur blood

could ruin this winter’s

soul’s solicitors

we were inchoate

inside a scalding teapot

at a witch’s house

whether your whims deceive you

blind lemons for blondes

whatever could make this follow.

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