“Maybe This Day Will End”

18 Apr

“Maybe This Day Will End”

Maybe someday

this day will end

maybe tomorrow

if this spacecraft lands

our lives will end

so we circle above the dunes forever

replications of our former lives

ready to click our belts in place

the company wants androids

icy and frozen waterfall chips

our art is a design cast by a puma

wings astride insect clouds

the howls of engines

amend this midnight

your duplicate portal shell

shed a snake skin

the sand planet rises,

transferring our enemies

to a revolution living timeline

to kill a fresh-hatched king

his vulture lips astride

an Arabian horse

a roadblock of sheep feet

the waterfall is clear

the water cellar filled

with belly dancer mirages

the golden eggs are clucked

and holds over our plural selves

for the tanks release their trifold

blend of green smoke,

white smoke, pink smoke,

and we are shaken to our owl howls, tough leather spiders in your belt,

the rodent wasteland spreads

coffee bark to clean our interiors:

I saw the beast of three dreams.

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