“Wait for the World”

25 Aug

“Wait for the World”

You got weighted against the world

and you won

your lips

denied a lungful of leaf

and your skeletal stomach

fulfilled of rose petals

made an evening tree truce

with cornered chalkboards

of your every thought

through the pain of windows

a scratch for the pricker bush

who’s laughing at shadows

in the merry-go-round woods

of wooded puppets

sharing brigadier of bridegroom

with turmeric and salt

of bread-won cut wounds

and shredded gloves,

hairpins of an eerie robber father

whose silhouette a fountain casts,

shreds rocks from crystals

and an apparition burned

in twilight marks

for every woolen doll

our sheets made

of strawberry skins

and petticoats, the lavender nightshade

coats goblins between us

where the toboggan belongs

to the toad king,

carved in the wardrobe:

for sacred wood outlives

the passing flesh.

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