“Moving on from no place left to go”

22 Jul

“Moving on from no place left to go”

We’ve been nicked by the place

from bunched knickers

and watermelon juice

helping was no choice

you have stolen

a belief in throned angels

goddesses with fangs

roped the diamonds, bulged the veins

a killer mazed in

the pattern of a drug rug

smoke exhales, gun after gun,

a genie with eyes poked-out

above a bubbling phantom lake

a curse to get to know you

pull out the bandaid of the skin

let the pins and needles in

I’m lava for you, gorged at the peak

and strangulation, the wise horse

rides like a dusty vagabond

through the fields of your apprentice

leather fingertips drum and to lie

with you laughing, slicked toes and joints

and kissing turns to jam

together forever and over

and down with you, a silk bird egg

smolders the closing bolt, doorway light

bounds the slipped grip

canopies the burned forgiveness

a dropped feeling brings the magic

lifting to each and every teacup

for a golden liquid

holes your throat to train whistles,

bloodied threads of undershirts

wave from the prickers,

one drip will spiderweb the pain of plan.

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