“Out of Phase”

19 Dec
“Out of Phase”
Shoulders to cry on
dates with an accomplice
peeking to pull from you
spilled seeds, seas of our gushing hearts,
do you smell by the grace of an idiot,
smile at bedposts, a hankering for anvils?
I’m an idiot too, in two-step rodeo blues
out of wind for the sheets, hammers throb
we’re aware this quick attitude
and altitudes, forever for you blank
this steamed chill, frown marks
or maybe serious concentration
dove like a gone pole, doves
it’s a strange world when you’re planked
and everything gooier than truffles
my bow tie needs stretching,
my hamper needs exercise,
when still my blue: my prom dress waits,
the dress alone, waiting in an idling
maybe even ghosts.

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