“Miles Away”

18 Jul

“Miles Away”

The moment a snake strikes
to slap a snake striking gurgling oil
you are gone, miles away.
And to turn off this turnstile for high pitch ribbon, miles away, this scream rises.
And to be gone, mermaid speaking,
just miles away, mermaid humming.
We can’t heart you underwater which is licked why we call our song “Miles Away,” a mermaid’s bubble pressure,
which is insincere, in a sense,
and all bird beaks grow rotten in lye
from more
and a mermaid pleasure mumbling
which is why we delicately rest your head
on a sheet of glass, to be careful
with the sheen of mermaid fish legs
exist in carefully liquid bones
razor, to be formed and then on & on
for miles
away a dream at dawn
waving why.

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