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“Kindly Ones”

20 Feb

“Kindly Ones”

The darling young starling marks

her glass eye

we drowned in the chandelier, looking on

the bullseye marks

the doorknob growing further away

into your thigh-light eyes,

wish we’d met

a blind capsule

a rose, a Sharon

a dimple pressed on sheets

makes a goat neigh

a swan wearing tap shoes

scrambles up a sandy bank

a gift from a friend

however you use this tissue

of the sunken depths

lead no unicorn or lichen

through unfortunate schools

relaxing their grip, but taxis turn

photos fool no proof

for the goat-herder’s daughter

beneath buttercups

the nail worms thrash

palm trees moisten the soda trees to ash

the fruit of havens, hairy and burnt

ballast spells a missing thunderbolt.