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“Making a Difference”

4 Dec
“Making a Difference”
The dusty fan spoke to beautiful islands
to detest, desist, and anchovies;
a rolling pike, a news story
that, for once, pulled tears further
along a conveyor belt, bear mittens,
fangs, the yawning jaws, bespoke innocence, injustice, humanity:
it’s inhumane and boiling oil,
rose the pike again against our wills;
it could’ve been another year, another you
we talked for hours and primrose
your belladonna of scarlet
your roses intensified
my last testament and will
is cooked spokes, bespoken
stitched lips and coiled secrets
and cooked skies and cold sunset thighs:
let’s skate out upon the frozen moonlight,
divide our possessions for awhile.