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Ice Flue Chapter 2

3 Oct

Ice Flue

Chapter 2
   Stan returned to his apartment tube, opening his coat closet while drooling. Inside wriggling around was a tied-up Dracun Lizard.

   No. That wasn’t right. It had been Heiferwaith who’d taken a Dracun Lizard prisoner; he’d had him tied up in a high hair as he continually stabbed pricked him with a sword from his “guild.”

   Blood dropped onto Stan’s carpet. In his trembling hands he held the bloodied Sculpta brick, sparkling slightly from stray glass shards. Had Heiferwaith been screaming? Or had it been the Dracun Lizard? That part of the memory was a bit like one of those spinning splatter paintings that the homeless ghouls hawked downtown in the Living Reptile Clothing district. 

   Stan closed the closet door, the eyes of the Dracun Lizard widening in terror. Sometimes you just had to close the door on things and pretend they weren’t there.