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Edge of the Axe (1988) – Haunted Car Wash

10 Apr







The following are quotes from user reviews on IMBD:

”One murder scene which takes place in a drive-thru carwash is especially memorable.”


”Jack Taylor (Pieces ’81) was good as always. He always seems to play a mysterious weirdo, is that a hint towards his private life? Maybe!”


”The scene of one woman having an ax stuck into her back and then pulled out is a nasty highlight, as is a very well done finger-chopping scene.”


”Who was the computer’s voice? Man, was it Charlie? Or that creepy girl with the eyes? The lead girl was also kinda dumb: “I asked it if you were gay”. Who asks that to a computer?”


”On the darker side of things however, the killer does indeed look menacing dressed like a new age Michael Myers, complete with cape and hood.”


“There are some good scenes involving the discovery of bodies or just body parts and a scene involving blood dripping from the ceiling.”


“The title suggests that the murders will be committed with an axe – and indeed they are, and this is the film’s strongest element.”


(via IMDB)