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“Pretend You Were Here”

9 Apr

“Pretend You Were Here”

To prove you exist

olives rain down

allowing berries to encircle your belly

and dances commend

your shadow above our trees to fall

through crowns of prickers

a city hot and terrible

in this light

brought together by the most evil work

our hands alive with wires in a foundry

an exploded view of the map

leads us to pick cherries

from the hands of birds

and street signs

with their limericks torn off

to peel back the sardine can

and chase the cat

inside the canary,

to bedevil the juke joints

with our glasses raised

as werewolves hide their feet

to be spied through sunglasses

whose soiled mind is too heavy for the bleachers, a beastly competition

cars scratching fleas

the wolves can see nor catch us

and though we run faster than the trees

they nip with wolf prints fast fogged suffocating under plastic

slats of a boat

between you and the view

I carve a stone pony

your poetry