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“Rain of Blood”

21 Jan

“Rain of Blood”

Sleepless nights in sparrow shadows

they say it is commoner than common

to struggle through communes,

incommunicado, broken harps,

tobacco pouches, wide winsome,

this tooth are a dragon’s, this rain

and on some honeymoon limerick,

a pop song scorched

to the spine of your soul

in your most secret place

in glades by the wildfires

in dim drunk glasses by the lion furs

on fours to heels clicking

oppressive in your affluence

impressive in your condolence

your earnest for your today toys

you saved the one original tooth

with which you were born

an animal of glory, spiteful,

heels dug to skittering collapse

spurs for the dragons of skulls

and all the weak warmed over

a spit of sun on your cups

a dirty lineage to strangle laundry lines,

depth of this ruse, tussle with secrets

sunburned banquets,

sleep through meals,

see-through only’s.