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Review: The Farrowing by Jesse Wheeler (Strangehouse Books; 2014)

13 Dec


Mutant babies twisting in blue and purple veins somewhere in the dungeons below a good Christian family’s home. A pig with a human face trots into the master bathroom. Sublime toilet escapades abound in spades. Lost in underground tunnels. An obese man with pink velvet skin unleashes his floating tendrils, shining his sinister grin of demented ecstasy at his screaming prisoners drugged by the magical contents from the leather bag of a blue-skinned dwarf playing a flute.

These are just a few of the disturbing images from this depraved but imaginative book. Like in most 1980s body horror movies (Re-Animator, Society, From Beyond), the emphasis is more on spectacle, weird monsters, and a grotesque tableaux of mind-bending mutated set pieces rather than characters or palpable suspense. On second thought, the pages turned quickly on my screen during the escape scene in the middle of the book.

The image of the hideous “Pink Lou” was particularly imaginative, strange, and disturbing.

Some may find this book offensive or deranged, but Wheeler follows his imagination to the limit of bizarreness without censorship.

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