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10 Reasons to Read The First One You Expect by Adam Cesare (Broken River Books; 2014)

27 Sep


10 reasons to read The First One You Expect by Adam Cesare

1. Any artist will immediately be drawn into this novella about how far one will go to self-promote.

2. You will be terrified by a depraved twist that is woven seamlessly into the narrative.

3. You collect knives and might be a bit shy about your true motivation.

4. You want to discover more underground horror authors.

5. You like faux-vintage book covers.

6. You have ever been to a dark place while struggling to create a masterpiece in cinema.

7. You have ever worked a crummy job, hoping for an angelic turn of events.

8. You have ever confessed your true desires to a rat.

9. You collect to escape your surroundings.

10. You like harsh realism in a genre that (horror)–ironically–frequently avoids it.

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