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“The Last Time I Saw You”

24 Feb

“The Last Time I Saw You”

Turning a corner, the train whistle blew

down the drain, rupturing our fluids

the night when your body relaxed

without you, fish

swam through my hands

the blue dishwasher bleached a pellet

in the dark of the kitchen,

our lips chapped,

our skin crumbling to waxy tissue

it was the last time I saw you

in the house of broken windows

of folded petals

of folded grasshopper wings

where these thistles rasped your throat

to desire a summer long ago

when we both lost our bathing suits

and split down to the rope

on the swing above

the slapping of the waves

riding your bike backwards

we’re friends for pain

the locker room killers

don’t let the mirror drop

don’t let this dinner end

please put away the props

shield me from your dressing gowns

and chain my heart.