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“We Were Friends”

30 Mar

“We Were Friends”

Dove the sandy hair

said goodbye

to dust of river

you were deadly as an artist

when we were friends

when I’d lick the crushed strawberry

from your jeans

then I’d let a dinosaur could eat you:

we were friends

veined in blue

we’ll never reach an understanding

and now it’s time to go again

we were friends

to travel dark caves

and place of dew

a place I knew

so these were our lives

passing in a kissing flame

poisoned butterflies

riding the backbone of this dream again

across the coast of you

hold my hand through the starry end

we were friends

a sprinkled dead and every rainbow sets

your honed fine senses to bloodthirst

a bursting star crown

we rode beasts with leather stirrups,

haunted leather pumpkins

our slipper footsteps

we were friends in the dying rain

the name of your friends

when poetry killed you

this line of sentiment

a butcher’s fox tail

burrowed deep into Snow Mountain

can ever the freckles release the he-burette holding too much pity

and only in some yearbook

were we perfect and young

but already dusty.