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Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball – A Symposium

19 Sep


Because the new MGMT record is due out yesterday or today, I decided to offer a symposium on the new song/video by Miley Cyrus entitled “Wrecking Ball.”

A lone tear lingers on a splotchy cheek, but the irreal ¼ aquamarine, ¼ sapphire,¼ tourmaline and ¼ blue topaz of her dominating and accusatory eyes tell of a different but equally as tawdry tale as The Airbrushing Sisters, only this time it’s called Super Alien Enhancement: The Genesis of Behind What Made Tiger Woods See Holes and Ones Even on Cloudy Days When One’s Putter Was Simply Too Mucked To Put.

And the controversy…why? At 20 years old, the accusations against fans of the video for “the wrong reasons” have been made by the usual hecklers who appear rather confused about the trajectory of life; i.e. yes, even Mouseketeers grow up.
Onto the song…nevermind, somebody else has probably already got that one covered. I will admit that the lyrics are laughably bad, although the melody is incredibly memorable and the performance is undeniably raw and heartfelt.

What I find strange about this video/phenomenon/starlet is the utter lack of innuendo OR suggestive imagery; so, in other words, yes, while Cyrus does show a good deal of skin, the crumbling walls and metallic color scheme hardly supply the ideal atmosphere for a fantasy scenario—but, and I am tell mulling over this question myself (to be honest): does the bland/industrial/utilitarian backdrop somehow bring us closer to Hollywood royalty by supplying us the illusion that Miley Cyrus also exists in a world where ugly construction sites are the true backdrop to the most heartbreaking (wrecking balls) devastations (wrecking balls) in our lives?

I leave this question to you before the song is completely wrecking-balled by malls and gas stations—at which point it will be entirely worthless to ever consider asking again.