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New story (“The Basement People”) published!

28 Sep

Psyched to be part of this anthology. My tribute to Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain’s PLEASE KILL ME, Bauhaus’s BURNING FROM THE INSIDE, and…well, you get the idea…is about a sentient cloud of animal limbs! It’s called “The Basement People.” It is available here (at Clash Books) or here (at Amazon).

New story to be published! 

11 Jul

Stoked to announce that my story “The Basement People”–about a sentient cloud of severed human and animal limbs and a metamorphosing crime–will be part of this anthology!

Here is the official TOC for Zombie Punks Fuck Off, in no particular order.

1) While My Guitar Gently Eats – Danger Slater

2) Cyberpunk Zombie Jihad – Mark Zirbel

3) The Ballad of Hank XXX – David W Barbee

4) Hard-Wired Beat – Axel Kohagen

5) Earworm – Brendan Vidito

6) The Basement People – Nicholaus Patnaude

7) I am the Future – Joe Quenell (Ian Muller)

8) Re-Made – Madison McSweeney

9) Rolled Up – MP Johnson

10) The Good Samaritans – Sam Reeve

11) Bass Sick – Asher Ellis

12) The Advent of Noise – Leo X Robertson

13) Eat the Rich – Carmilla Voiez

14) A Circle of Dead Children – Sam Richard

Plus we’ve got the incredible cover art by Michael Bukowski.

I’m so fucking excited to get this finished and out to everyone.