5 Hypothetical Plots for Doctor Sleep

8 Sep


1. Danny Torrance becomes a psychic in NYC. Life is grand until someone leaves a present at his doorstep. It’s Tony trapped inside a puppet with a feverish rage to kill, kill, and…uh…kill!


2. The scrambled amalgam of Overlook caretakers–the fabric of which Jack has also become a part–returns to visit Danny Torrance in Malibu where he’s sunken into bitter alcoholism following a successful horse-betting scam. His shining powers have diminished, so he hardly notices Grady working the gate at his apartment complex until it’s too late.


3. Tony makes a surprise visit one Halloween shortly after Danny’s twin daughters have blown out the candles of their birthday cake. He’s walking around in the birthday cake, trying to avoid falling drips of candle wax when he says, “Grady was your real father. He’s waiting outside. He just a job at the Overlook. It’s time to leave.”


4. Following Dick Halloran’s funeral, Danny decides to never shine again. By taking beta-blockers, he has discovered it’s possible to turn off his talent. But after his mother Wendy is murdered, he decides it’s time to shine again…but this time with a VENGEANCE!


5. While on holiday with his family in Colorado, Danny encounters a massive snowstorm. They finally manage to find a motel but there’s only one room left: 217. Actually, there’s one other room: 237. Danny takes it but finds the ghost of Stanley Kubrick who forces Danny to rewrite The Shining 237 times  WITHOUT A SINGLE POP CULTURE REFERENCE while chained to a chair. His family, meanwhile, must reenter the motel 237 times while Kubrick flies about on his crane/steadicam filming and re-filming it.

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