The Masque of Red Death’s Shining Room 237

12 Sep


I will not repeat or repost Poe’s story here, nor will I regurgiate with blood and feathers The King’s Shining.  


The question lurking out of every his & her mussed-up/mashed-up/mashed-up must and will and well might be: so, if you watch the film backwards on 2 screens simultaneously (one in front, one behind you) while riding around on an exact replica of Danny’s POWER WHEELS while in a state of GENTLE autoasphyxiation, then, yes, you may just as well admit that whipping yourself right into Room 237 could easily be done; and what a dreamy room it ‘TIS! Okay, so, whaddya wanna yadda an yadda on about the film? There are crack-pot theories and then there are CRACKED theories; this one had them all, though I did buy the bit about the German typewriter…and of course the N.A. imagery is REAL OBVIOUS, so….

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