H.P. Lovecraft – THE BAND, STUPIT!!!!!!!!!!!

12 Sep

yES, wHerever you gO I’lL bE wANderin’ after yoU, mY thORNZSSSSss:


yOu gOTTA liSten to ThESe psycho-delic BeASts on hEad pHonEZ aNd LOUD!!!!!!!

H_ P_ Lovecraft II-album-by H_ P_ Lovecraft-1968

No, No. no^%<no!MO! nOT thE BaND, StooooooooPID!!! ThE gnawer of RaT’S BlooD to blow ThorNy StoRy BlISTer in the FuRRY mold that is LeFt iN your SynaPses!

at the mountains of madness - lovecraft - panther uk pub - 1970sanD all We KNow StepheN KiNg’s departed fATher: ’twas ThE paPerbacK cOpy of one SicKly aUnt-nourisheD recluse who STruCk tHe fiRST mAtcH on the proverbial skeletal SpIne of his oeuVre…hovering DocTOr SlEEP ovER tHERE:


(some images found at the awesome blog Too Much Horror Fiction)

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